No warp bbq grill

Grids made to spcification. With or without handles depending on application. Please contact us with your specific requirements for a free quotation. Stainless steel (304) recommended because of its quality and corrosion resistance, but other options are available, such as; mild steel and Nikkel-plated mild steel.

La Lê Lê Pottery


Support structure for use in killns and braais

These patented grids are immune to warping and deformation by thermal forces acting within the body of the grid due to heating and cooling of the grid. The design allows free thermal expansion and contracting of all parts of the grid, but prevents metal fatigue caused by frequent deformation, signifficantly extending the life of the grid and preserving its condition and looks.

The design is such that the whole or any section of the grid can be heated to elevated temparatures without causing structural deformation. The maximum temperature depends on the thermal characteristics of the material that the grid is made of. Normally stainless steel (304) or nikkel-plated mild steel is used.

The lean design leaves a minimum of corners and hidden areas where dirt can accumulate and it also makes cleaning the grid easy.

The non-warping grids are very suitable for use in braais. Three models are available:

  1. The standard Ramrod grid
  2. The Flamebuster grid contains a section where flames are eliminated. This works exceptionaly well where fat dripping on the coals normally causes flames that burns the meat.
  3. A coal carrier used as a base and support for the fire. It enhance ventilation and allows ash accumulating in the coals to fall through into the waste area.